We specialize in trophy quality  mule deer and antelope, with a few good whitetails thrown in the mix. All of  these hunts take place on private ranches that have been well managed for livestock and hay  production, which in turn draws the deer and antelope in due to the good feed availability and water access. I communicate with my landowners all year long, always knowing what has been seen and where it was seen.  This gives my guides and I a head start when we start taking clients. The Montana deer hunting season opens on  the third Sunday of October and runs through the Sunday after Thanksgiving, allowing our hunters to hunt during the  pre-rut and the rut period. Antelope season starts two weeks prior to the opening of deer season and runs two weeks  into deer season, allowing the chance for the combo hunt. Our deer hunts run for 5 days and our antelope hunts run for 3 days. If you were to choose a combo hunt for deer and antelope, the hunt will last for 5 days. Your travel time obviously is not included in the length of the hunt, the length of the hunt is actual hunting days. 

All of our hunting is spot and stalk. We spend a lot of time looking through good quality optics, sizing up what we are looking at and then letting the hunter decide if that is the trophy that he or she wants to take home. It is the clients trip, they make the final decision as to what they harvest, our duty as your guide, is to find the trophy and give some input as far as quality is concerned, you make the call. Once the decision is made, the stalk comes next. We will get you into your shooting "comfort zone", or we will pull away and wait until we can and not force it. By doing this, we have been able to not spook game and the cases of wounded animals has been kept to zero. If 


Our accommodations consists of two different ranch  houses. Both of these houses are complete with great heat, warm beds, hot showers and satellite TV. There is no need to bring sleeping bags as there are clean linens on each bed and towels are provided as well.                                      

Meals consist of a light breakfast in the morning, a  lunch of large sandwiches and chips in the afternoon, and an outstanding home cooked meal in the evenings. The dinners are generally steaks, seasoned roasts, pork chops, ribs and tri-tips all smoked and/or BBQ'd. These along  with delicious sides and deserts will satisfy about any sized appetite.

Adult beverages in moderation are welcome as well, but not provided. Please, feel free to bring along your drink choice to enjoy in the evening while you relax after a day in the field. 

If equipment for the hunt is needed, please check our gear list recommendations at