SouthEast Montana Hunts
Our Southeast MT hunts are conducted on large, predominantly private ranches that have been managed for trophy quality as well as age class for many years now. We do our best to leave the younger deer, and harvest the bucks that we feel are in their prime. Most of these ranches hold both mule deer and whitetail and a Montana General Season tag is good for either species. Our clients consistently harvest mule deer that range from 155 BC to 185 BC and we generally keep a 160+ BC average annually. The whitetail range from 140 BC to 160+ BC.

Antelope hunts are conducted on these same ranches and are managed closely for quality as well. Because this tag is more difficult to draw, we take less antelope hunters every fall, therefore harvesting very few on an annual basis. This allows us to keep our quality high as long as Mother Nature is on the same page. We consistently harvest antelope bucks in the 78 to 81 BC range every year, with potential for larger.

These hunts are all spot and stalk. Meals, lodging and guides are included, as well as transportation during your hunt.  Gratuities are not included in the price.

5 day rifle: $5,100.00
5 day archery: $3,950.00
3 day rifle antelope: $2,300.00
Deer/Antelope combo: $6,300.00

5 day rifle: $5,250.00
5 day archery: $3,950.00
3 day rifle antelope: $2,400.00
Deer/Antelope combo: $6,450.00


Jordan, MT Hunts
These hunts take place on predominantly private ranches in east central Montana. There has been no hunting on these ranches now for a couple of years and the quality and numbers are healthy. The mule deer will be between 140 BC and 160 BC, whitetail will average from 130 BC to 145 BC. Accommodations for this hunt were built in 2016 and are extremely comfortable, and the home cooked meals are mouthwatering.

Antelope hunts are available on these ranches as well for both archery and rifle. Archery hunts are conducted over water holes and tanks. These antelope bucks will average between 74 BC and 79 BC.

These hunts are all spot and stalk from the archery antelope. Meals, lodging and guides are included as well as transportation during the hunt. Gratuities are not included in the price of the hunt.

4 day rifle deer hunt: $4,000.00
3 day rifle antelope: $2,400.00
4 day archery antelope hunt: $1,850.00